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Journal of Oral Health and Oral Epidemiology Cover
Ledernez L, Bergmann M, Altenburger M

Periimplantitis, periodontitis, endodontics: Dental market analysis and future trends

Journal of Oral Health and Oral Epidemiology
Bergmann M, Wieland T, Straub V, Engesser F, Buerkin E, Altenburger M, Urban G, Ledernez L

Transient Spark Coating for Dentistry

Plasma Medicine
Wieland T, Kotthaus K, Buerkin E, Engesser F, Altenburger M, Ledernez L, Urban G and Bergmann M.

Analysis of the Effects of Disinfectants and Plasma Treatment on Biofilm Growth by a Thermal Flow Sensor for Real Time Measurements

Plasma Medicine
Ledernez L, Engesser F, Altenburger M, Urban G, Bergmann M

Effect of Transient Spark Disinfection on Various Endodontics Relevant Bacteria

Plasma Medicine
Rostas A, Ledernez L, Dietel L, Heidinger L, Bergmann M, Altenburger M, Bruch R, Urban G, Schleicher E, Weber S

Direct EPR Detection of Atomic Nitrogen in a Nitrogen Plasma Jet (Hot Article 2020)

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
Ledernez L, Bruch R, Altenburger M, Bergmann M, Urban G

Transient Spark for Bacterial Cleaning of Dental Microcavities

Plasma Medicine