Medical devices are an essential part of our health system. True medical innovations improve the health and the quality of life of patients. Plasma medicine is one field of innovation that is changing the way we understand and perform medicine.

what is plasma ?

We are surrounded by all kinds of plasmas. Naturally occurring plasmas are magnificent to look at (Aurora borealis and all stars in the sky). They are necessary for life to exist (our sun). They actually constitute 99% of all visible matter in the universe. Plasma have been technically produced in the form of light bulbs and neon signs. It is used to disinfect PET bottles or as hand sanitizer.

The fourth state of matter

As energy is supplied to matter, it transforms from solid to liquid, then to gas. Going one step further gas transforms to the fourth state of matter: plasma. It is basically an energetic gas, in which many different elemental particles coexist. Those interact with microorganisms in specific ways. They can kill bacteria and viruses or activate the immune system. That is why plasmas are finding an increasing number of applications in medicine, for the treatment of chronic wounds for example.

AmbiJet plasma dentistry | Freiburger Medizintechnik GmbH


Thanks to AmbiJet fewer chemical and pharmacological substances (antibiotics, chlorhexidine, NaOCl, etc.) are produced, used and wasted. There is an indirect positive impact on the environment. Fewer use of antibiotics also means that their efficacy increases for applications with no alternative options.

Plasma dentistry

An effective medical Product…

AmbiJet combines plasma physics with microsystems technology resulting in an effective device with extremely small dimensions. It has been designed for dental applications from scratch. AmbiJet enables a guided action on the implant surface without damaging the surrounding tissue.

… without any side effect

Thanks to its principle of action, AmbiJet has no negative side effect such as toxic and allergic reactions, and it does not lead to the development of bacterial resistance. AmbiJet is a unique technology for a rapid, painless and effective solution to fight peri-implantitis without any adverse side effects.