Innovative disinfection technology for modern dentistry.

Plasma-based technology for maximum effectiveness, without side effects.

Transient Spark Disinfection®

The purpose of the Transient Spark Disinfection® is the destruction of bacteria and the inactivation of potentially virulent bacterial components.

The selected indications are the periimplantitis (inflammation of tissue around dental implants), the periodontology (gum disease) and the endodontics (root canal treatment). Particular attention is paid to the possible recessions, branches and tubules of the root canal as well as extremely narrow peri-dental and peri-implant spaces.



Increased effectiveness of disinfection

TSD effect is a physical one: its effectiveness is significantly higher and broader than chemical solutions. TSD generates short-lived species that diffuses even through micrometer pores: it is still effective in dentin tubules.

Transient Spark Disinfection


No adverse events, no side effects

No pharmacological substances. No resistance formation. No allergenic effect. No overpressing.


Significantly reduced likeliness of re-infections

The benefit for patients lies in the high disinfection and a significant reduction of the likeliness of a revision treatment in comparison to standard therapy.


The Transient Spark Disinfection® is the heart of the medical device AmbiJet. The latter consists of a base unit with feed line, a handpiece and a single-use mouthpiece with micronozzle. For each treatment, the dentist places a sterile single-use mouthpiece on the handpiece and carries out the disinfection.