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A full smile is an essential part of who we are and how we are perceived.

Dental implants are life changing for many patients with over 130 mio. implants already inserted in the US and EU. Unfortunately, dental implantology brought up a new disease: periimplantitis. In short, it is an oral infection caused by the implant. It develops over time, and ultimately leads to the loss of the implant.

AmbiJet is a medical device designed to save dental implants, increase quality of life and give patients their smile back.

Ambijet KeyFacts

What is it?

Our product, AmbiJet, offers a revolutianary therapeutic solution for peri-implantitis. This chronic disease is becoming a major public health problem worldwide with no standard therapy to control or treat it. AmbiJet enables to kill bacteria and destroy the biofilm formed around an infected dental implant.

Why get it?

AmbiJet combines plasma physics with microsystems technology, resulting in an effective device with extremely small dimensions. AmbiJet is a unique technology for a fast, painless and effective solution to combat peri-implantitis without any side effects.

Key technology of the future


Peri-implantitis is becoming a major public health issue. A considerable number of patients worldwide suffer from this chronic disease caused by dental implants. Even today the consequences of an infection can be catastrophic.


AmbiJet offers a solution to overcome peri-implantitis. The device is a small and easy to use. AmbiJet is a unique technology for a fast, painless and effective disinfection of dental implants without any side effects.

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Plasma medicine for Dentistry

Only the combination of our expertise in microsystems engineering, plasma medicine and dentistry could lead to the development of this key technology of the future. AmbiJet is the result of over 10 years applied scientific research & development.

From all horizons

Our international team is made of engineers, physicians, biologists, dentists and experts in medical product documentation. As a center of excellence, we developed and designed AmbiJet from our laboratories and offices in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.


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