AmbiJet is made of a plasma-based disinfection technology to overcome peri-implantitis. Plasma-based disinfection technology: Maximum effectiveness, no side effect.


What is AmbiJet?

We have developed AmbiJet, a medical device that uses plasma to kill bacteria and clean the infected site and, thus helps restoring health to the tissues surrounding the implant.

Optimized for any Usecase

We designed AmbiJet from the ground up for use in dentistry. The system consists of a base unit and single-use applicators. The base station has one power button and a foot switch to control the treatment. The design of the handpiece and applicator is based on the ergonomics of contra-angles, i.e. standard dental instruments, for the easiest of use. With specific applicators, AmbiJet can be applied for nearly all clinical situations and dental implants. It can be used for initial surgical treatments and for recurrent maintenance treatments. It can even be applied for prevention.

AmbiJet leads to a better patient care and higher patient satisfaction. The treatment takes place during regular visits on a twice-yearly basis.



The treatment kills bacteria and disintegrates biofilms on the implant surface. It generates short-lived species that diffuses even through micrometer pores: it is effective even in dentin tubules.

Reduced likeliness of re-infections

The treatment reduces the bacterial adhesion reducing the risk of reinfection. For the patient, it means a reduced likeliness of a revision treatment.

Improved tissue regeneration

Recent studies provide evidence that re-integration of the implant into the tissue occurs faster and more successfully with plasma treatment.

No adverse events, no side effects

Thanks to plasma medicine, one can reduce the use of chemical and pharmacological agents and their side effects. No resistance formation. No allergenic effect. No pain.


Build for Efficency

The base station is the heart of the medical device. It consists of a base unit with a feedline and a handpiece. A gas cartridge is manually fixed in the unit – just as for sparkling water device. The gas stream is optimized to reach a maximal effect and avoid any risk of emphysema.

Ambijet Schema

Ease of use

The applicator inDrive has a stiff round nozzle allowing to gently push gingiva aside. This gives the operator more flexibility to maneuver in the whole operation site. The plasma is ignited between the tip of the nozzle, towards the implant for an superior control.

The applicator periSlide has an unbelievably flat nozzle of only 0.3 mm thin. It is flexible and can be slid between gingiva and implant. The shape of its tip is specially designed so that it does not clutch onto the screw winding. The nozzle can be manually rotated to allow an easy sliding from all sides of an implant whatever its position in the mouth. The plasma activates from the side of the nozzle for an optimal effect on the implant. The feature set allows the operator to use it in non-surgical procedures – for maintenance or prevention.

AmbiJet leads to a better patient care and higher patient satisfaction. The treatment takes place during regular visits on a twice-yearly basis.

How to use Ambijet


For each treatment, the dentist places a sterile single-use applicator on the handpiece and performs the treatment. Depending on the clinical situation, the operator chooses between the inDrive and the periSlide.

The treatment takes 3 minutes on average – depending on the size of the lesion.

What does AmbiJet do?

AmbiJet kills bacteria highly efficiently, reduces the likelihood of reinfection, thus helping regenerative measures and promoting healing. The device also ensures a high level of safety for the patient and the operator. The treatment is safe and painless.