Transient Spark Coating for Dentistry

Plasma Medicine


Bergmann M, Wieland T, Straub V, Engesser F, Buerkin E, Altenburger M, Urban G, Ledernez L


Cold atmospheric plasma jets have started to demonstrate their potential in various medical applications. Those devices generate a plasma using noble gases or air and are used to disinfect the inflamed tissues and even trigger natural healing processes. We are developing a plasma jet device with the purpose of depositing in situ a coating on implant materials that reduces bacteria attachment. The coating is not antimicrobial which is regarded as controversial. This new treatment shall offer physicians a possibility to control reinfection caused or triggered by medical implants. In this work, we present the method as well as first evaluation results. They show how the precursor and gas carrier influence the coating properties and allow to tune their surface properties. The adhesion of the coatings to the substrate was excellent, while the adhesion of Escherichia coli on the coated substrate was significantly reduced. Those preliminary results show the potential of this atmospheric plasma jet-based coating technique.