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During periimplantitis therapy, a mouthpiece is used to disinfect the implant without harming the surrounding tissue. In an further step, one can choose to deposit in-situ carbon-based, functionalized compounds on the implant surface to control the reinfection of the implant surfaces.

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In the narrow space between the inflamed gingiva and the infected tooth root, the Transient Spark Disinfection is applied using a flexible foil nozzle which the operator shifts between the gum and the tooth without having to proceed surgically.



AmbiJet generates short-lived reactive species that reach down to the apical region of the root canal and into recessions because, unlike liquid, they display no surface tension. The Transient Spark Disinfection has a highly efficient, non-specific deactivating effect on bacteria as well as on virulent components, antigenic bacterial residues and cell residues.

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